1. Marta Veinberga. Photography: Al Lapkovsky

    Marta Veinberga. Photography: Al Lapkovsky

    Marta Veinberga is a visual artist living and working in Riga, Latvia. In her paintings and three-dimensional works she explores found and readymade materials, one of them – the supermarket prize stickers – being her recent favorite. Although a material is often a starting impulse, every indivudual work builds up as a conceptual network between the general idea or the theme, the material, visual language and sometimes the creative process itself. An interest in the physical environment as a reflecion of human character in historical and social context is central to Veinberga's work.

  2. Prize stickers:

    Originally prize stickers are an advertising material, something one receives in supermarkets, fuel stations and convenient stores usually for every 5 - 10 euros spent. A collection of them attached to a card gives an opportunity to buy certain products with discounts. Though many people think that they already have too much stuff and just throw them out. Others collect them with no clear purpuse. For Marta Veinberga, these stickers serve as an upcycled painting material. It has turned out that there are many, who find this particular use of them most reasonable and donate their stickers for art.

  3. Gallery of the prize sticker donations from people:


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